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Monday, October 11, 2010

Memories of a Forgotten War-Spanish-American War in the Philippines-1899-1913

Are you a history enthusiast? Have you heard of the Spanish-American War in the Philippines? If not, here's your chance to learn a little bit of this forgotten war.

The following is a summary of the documentary made by an international team of Filipino and America media artists and below is the trailer of this film. A must see movie if you are a history enthusiast. This war must not be confused with the World War II of the Japanese-American War in the Philippines, 1941-1945.

In the decade following the Spanish-American War, more Filipinos were killed by US troops than by the Spanish during the 300 years of colonial rule. More than 1 million Filipinos died between 1899 and 1913. This experimental documentary about the Philippine American War of 1899 combines archival photographs and turn of the century film, digital video and 16mm footage to create memories of a forgotten history. A contemporary Filipina-American narrator weaves this complex history through historiography, experimental documentary and intercultural cinema. Shot on location in the Philippines and edited in the US, the film was produced by an international team of Filipino and American media artists.

Review Summary
While in Manila in 1997 to research her Filipino genealogy, Filipino-American college professor Camilla Benolirao Griggers discovered that the Philippines and its inhabitants at the end of the 19th century were subjected to extraordinary acts of military aggression and barbarism at the hands of the United States, which history later recognized as the Philippine-American War. Astounded, Griggers and Filipino avant-garde filmmaker Sari Lluch Dalena co-directed and co-produced the 2001 historical documentary Memories of a Forgotten War as a means to provide greater exposure to a misunderstood and relatively obscure event in world history. Beginning with her discoveries about her American G.I. grandfather's abandonment of her Filipino grandmother -- and her mother, then a child -- at the end of the Philippine-American War, Griggers compares this interpersonal betrayal with the larger context of the betrayal that the citizenry of the Philippines endured when the island nation was sold from the Spanish government to the United States. Upon learning of the transaction, Filipinos -- who were led to believe their nation would finally be independent -- started a revolt that would be bloodily quashed by U.S. military intervention. Due to some unbelievably successful propagandistic efforts on behalf of the United States, the truth about the events of the war were mostly forgotten by citizens of both nations. Griggers and Dalena include historically produced reenactments -- some produced by Thomas Edison, a vocal supporter of United States' actions -- as well as some the co-directors produced as counterpoint. Memories of a Forgotten War was a selection to a number of film festivals throughout 2002, including New York Asian American Film Festival and the Hawaii International Film Festival. ~ Ryan Shriver, All Movie Guide


Vernz said...

Hi Sir DAve, thanks for dropping a comment, don't worry about the online gambling thing, I just tried it for review purposes.. you know earning a little while blogging heheheh..

Wait this is interesting packet of our history... at times this is not written in our history textbooks.. I actually teach History 1.. but this is just written in passing ... teaching all these in about 45 hours/term is so kulang... di kasya... minsan you cannot cover all.. sayang ang daming significant events that are not higlighted in Phil History textbooks, I also wonder why these textbooks were not re-written and insert some of these facts... sad thing, it's just being re-printed without even editing...

God bless sir DAve...

David B Katague said...

Vernz, Glad to know you are teaching Philippine history. I have a request. Could you guest write in one of my blogs? I like your article on on-line gambling. In return I could guest write for you. Or you could select any one of my articles to reprint in your blog. Of course we give each other credits for the authorship.

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