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Friday, June 26, 2015

Reading Between the Lines

Reading between the lines is to try to understand someone's real feelings or intentions from what they say or write-From Cambridge Dictionary of Idioms

Are you good in reading between the lines. Test your prowess by reading examples of rantings and writings from four of my FB friends and relatives. At the end of its writings will you be able to tell the age group, gender affinity, status and livelihood in life and perhaps the personality of the writer?. I will give the answers in my next blog if there are any responders.

FB Friend #1

Today same sex marriage is now legal in the 50 US States: Here is his comment “ I am proud to be an American today. Hey Dudes in FB are you willing to marry me? I am young and handsome!

Is this person a closet gay? How old is this person? Can you guess in what field is his current livelihood? Any guess on his personality?

FB Friend #2

How Still is Today. So peacefully quiet. How quietly all things fall into place. Today I understand the lesson that in You, there is no need that I do anything. In You, is every choice already made. In You, has every conflict been resolved. In You, is every thing I found already given me. TODAY...my heart is quite and my mind is at peace. Your love is certain and You love is mine. "Here in me is this whole world forgotten. No memory of the past, of sin, or illusion lingers on. Here in me is this resting place...so still... nothing but the hymn of heaven rises up to gladden God and his Son. Here where they both abide, they are remembered. Here where they are...is heaven and everlasting peace."
What age group in this person? Male or Female? Cleric or Mystic? Personality? Introvert or Extrovert?Educational Level? Field of Livelihood?

FB Friend #3:

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" ?-- Anais nin.
I have begun another phase of my growth. Going thru my closets and finding beautiful suits ranging from size 12-16, shoes size 8-9 and accessories that I am letting go. This Sunday 4 pm at my house, girlfriends are invited to come for wine, tea, snacks and partake in a clothing reincarnation gathering. If you have stuff you want to let go of bring it, no ...need to bring anything though. My friend (and declutterer/organizer extraordinaire) D L explained to me why she loves helping her clients - after a session, you are literally making space for who you are now presently and who you are growing to be. Letting go of who you were yesterday and the clothing that defined you. I am shedding my protective cocoon and emerging with my heart tremendously open to letting in the deep love we all so very much deserve.
Age Group? Personality? Educational Level? Marital Status? Field of Livelihood?

FB Friend #4

New Year! It is never really safe to say it because it usually always ends up in complete failure of being what we hope it to be. Take a look at years way back in your life they were happier. Every year we all tell ourselves it is going to be a better year and the truth comes out eventually that yet again we all become lied to. We are all in such denial and living a complete lie. Life is a complete lie and we are constantly pretending that everything is fine and p...erfect when it isn't. Every year things are getting worse not better. The good times have been gone forever such a very long time ago. I haven't seen a truly good happy new year since the 20th Century. The happiest times are your childhood and when we were all young and innocent. Everything is not getting better we are all not even getting any younger. Once we are born then we live and somehow survive and hang on until we all die. Even now we are all not really living life just surviving and living a lie of false hope and superficial reality.
Age Group? Mental Status? Field of Livelihood? Educational Level? Male or Female? Gender Affinity?

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