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Tres Reyes Island view of the Marinduque Mainland

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Left My Heart in Marinduque( Not in San Francisco)

I have always wanted to write a song about Leaving my heart in Marinduque-a parody of the signature song of Tony Bennett( I left My Heart in San Francisco). My sincere apologies to George Cory and Douglas Cross who wrote, I left My Heart in San Francisco in 1954. This song should be sang to the tune of the famous song in honor of the city by the bay. Here's it is: I hope you like it:

The loveliness of Fair Oaks
seems somehow sadly gay
The glory that was Boac
is another day!

Ive been terribly alone
and forgotten in Sacramento
I'm going home to my town by the sea.

I left my heart in Marinduque
Near by the beach it beckons me
To be where the Moriones are
Come, visit whereever you are

The morning sun rise by the sea
I don't care!

My love waits at Chateau Du Mer
Near the blue and calmy sea
When I come home to you, Marinduque
Chateau Du Mer will welcome me!

Note: Fair Oaks ( a suburb of Sacramento),California is my first home but Chateau Du Mer, Boac, Marinduque, Philippines is my second home. My wife and I called ourselves snowbirds, because on winter time, we fly to tropical Philippines to get away from the winter chills of Northern California. Marinduque is a small island province in the Philiipines. It is the heart and geogtaphic center of the Philippines famous for its and Morions and the Moriones Festival during Holy Week.

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