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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Promo Tour for Bellarocca Resort and Spa

The following article was published at http://luxeblack.com and written by Miquel Sarmiento dated August 22, 2010. It was titled: Bellarocca: Where Gods and Goddesses Unwind-Part 1. Continue reading and let me know if the article's title is indeed the truth or just "humbug". For $1500 a night, it better be a place that Gods and Goddesses can really unwind. Here's the article for your reading pleasure.

"As you all may know, our team just finished the successful Pretentious Asian promo tour. Though it was hectic and tiring, we had a blast!

A night before our flight to the island resort, Bellarocca Island Resort & Spa, Director of Marketing & Sales, Mr.John Tanjangco personally met me (during a scary typhoon) at the lobby of the Mandarin Hotel to give me my accommodation slips.

He personally briefed me about the resort we were about to visit.

Thanks, John, that's what I call personal & world-class service galore! I hadn't left yet and I was already being pampered!!

The resort is just a 30 minutes plane ride from Manila to the island of Marinduque, another 45 minutes scenic drive from the airport to the exclusive embarkment point for Bellarocca and then a 10 minutes speed boat ride to PARADISE!!

When the speed boat approached the private harbour of Bellarocca, the entire staff and crew of the resort was already singing their welcome song to us. As we disembarked, we were showered with fresh flower petals (love the various scents, Oh la la!) and were given a "Mabuhay" lei ( welcome in Filipino language). Rodulf Studer, General Manager of the resort and his staff personally greeted us at the dock. And that's what I call a real warm welcome (So nice when GMs of hotels & resorts personally greet me and my team).

As we were escorted by super cool, Guests Services Manager, Mr. Anito Lanticse, to the main reception area, we were in awe with the breathtaking views (no, not the 5 golf carts behind us carrying our baggages, ok!). Healthy and refreshing welcome drinks greeted us (oh those papaya & watermelon shakes are so delish!)

As soon as we checked-in for the 4 nights/5 days heavenly vacation, Anito brought us to our 1,500US$ per night villa, XANADU (all villas are named after gods and goddesses --> Then why did they not name one villa after me ???).

My team and I arrived at the doorsteps of the 2-bedroom, 2-floor villa, and yes we were all smiling! The Santorini-inspired villa is stunning. I have toured around the globe, and until now, I can say I haven't seen it all ;-)

The tastefully decorated villa gets my thumbs up. The huge living room has a 42-inch Plasma screen( satellite TV!!), HIFI stereo surround system, iPod dock and a DVD player (they have wide-array of the latest and top hits movies that you can borrow for free at the reception area).

The dining area has a 6-seater dining table. While the kitchen has a complete electric stove/oven (for those who plans to bring their personal chef with them) and all the hi-tech kitchen gadgets. If you bring your house hold staff or personal chef, the villa has a room for your staff (comes with toilet and bath facilities too).

Of course, moi gets the master's bedroom (who else Whatever,Princess!). The room provides elegance and luxurious comfort with a touch of a home-like essence. First thing I checked was the pillows. Oh how divine! All my pillows are chilled (as per my request, well I got tons of request. *grin* The emperor-sized bed (as how I call it) can sleep all Angelina & Brad's babies comfortably. The room is equipped with the same home entertainment system I mentioned earlier.

It has a Skype-enabled Belkin phone that connects you to the resort's various offices and amenities as well to all your family and friends worldwide.

The closets can fill all the contents of my 5 luggages (Now don't ask me why I brought 8 pairs of shoes, 3 suits, etc etc in an island resort!

The bathroom is very spacious (I had even the massage table placed there!). It has a jacuzzi/bathtub system and a separate rain shower area for 2 or more --->oh la la!! *wink*. The bathroom amenities are complimented by all natural products from L'Occitane ( how cool is that, sugar!). The villa's main pool is just steps away from the master's bedroom.. *dive & splash* Ahhhhhh ;-)

So I visited ( well, inspected) my team mates in their room, the guest room! While Jeroen, Dave and Magic unpacks the video and photo cameras, I meticulously inspect their room at the 2nd floor. Since it is a guest room, it is a bit smaller than the master's bedroom, but can comfortably fit 3 super-energetic adults (Jeroen, Dave and Magic, that is!). Their bathroom is also provided with a rain-shower, jacuzzi bathtub as well as L'Occitane products. The room has the same entertainment system like my room. I must admit, in both rooms, pillow, comforters and all the bed linens are EXCELLENT! The terrace of the guest room has a to-die-for view of the sea!!

FYI, all the rooms in the villa are airconditioned with separate remote controls (Ask Jeroen & Dave how I full-blasted the the AC system that the whole villa's temperature is like Siberia,lol). Anito also provided us with a strong and reliable WIFI signal, so I can update my Facebook status even while I am having a massage at my own room.. lovely!!!

So after few hours (of unpacking my stuff), I changed into my Speedos (don't try to raise your eyebrows..again!) and lounged at the villa's private lap pool and jacuzzi. The jacuzzi can comfortably fit 6 people at the same time, while you can do some relaxing laps at the pool. The view from the eternity pool is just breath taking.

The 3 musketeers (Jeroen, Dave and Magic) relaxed at the second dining area located reside the pool & jacuzzi. I joined them and had our production meeting for the island resort.

We had our shot list beforehand, but after seeing the resort, we had to change the list…because there is more to show and tell."

Comments any one?

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