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Tres Reyes Island view of the Marinduque Mainland

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sex and Dental Tourism in the Philippines

Moriones Parade during the Holy Week in Marinduque-Most Popular of Marinduque's Tourism Activity
Last week I broke 2 teeth from my 9-tooth lower denture eating lechon. I had it repaired but since the denture was about 4 years old, I decided to have another lower denture made here in Marinduque from my local dentist. My dentist here does all the measurement, but the actual denture is made in Manila. I got my new denture today and I am extremely satisfied and very happy with the fit. The fit is so perfect, I do not feel I have a denture. To top it all, it cost me only 160 US dollars. If I have this made in the US, it will probably cost me 5 times if not more. This true to life experience reminds me of an article I wrote in my blogs about Sex and Dental Tourism in the Philippines as follows:

( Note However, that some dentist particularly in Metro Manila will raise their prices for dental services, once they learn you are a balikbayan or tourist from abroad).

Photo Credit: msmagazine.com

How rampant and common is sex tourism in the Philippines? Based on reports and articles in the Internet, my conclusion is that it is very common. Last year the US Ambassador commented that 40% of US men who visits the Philippines have sex in their minds. He later apologized for his comments. A recent blog from a US visitor described how easy it is to get prostitutes in the former Clark Air Base site in Los Angeles, Pampanga. He said for around $10 to $50 (400 to 2000 thousand pesos), one can have a girl overnight. The amount varies from bars to bars. I have heard of similar stories of prostitution in Manila, Cebu and other big cities in the Philippines. There are women prostitutes, as well as male prostitutes. Child prostitution is sometimes in the news. The Philippines is a Catholic country and the subject of prostitution is taboo. But it is a reality of life!

Postcards like this encourage sex tourism in the islands.

The Philippines is not the only country in Asia known for the sex tourism. One country in my mind is Thailand. Other countries mentioned in the news for prostitution( adults and child) are Brazil, Dominican Republic and Columbia

Another popular activity in the Philippines is DENTAL tourism. My wife and I are beneficiaries of this activity. It is much much cheaper to have your dental work done in the Philippines compared here in US. My wife and I have been getting our dental work in Manila, since our dental insurance coverage here in US is very poor. This is however not true with our medical insurance coverage.

So if you hear of US men visiting the Philippines for sex, do not be surprise. They do not advertise it, but it is the reality of life. Income from sex tourism is one way of uplifting the economy of the country in addition to the billions of pesos remittances from the OFW ( Overseas Filipino Workers). Note that the OFW's are touted to be the modern heroes of the Philippines.

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